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We are currently in the process of destocking and have a number of excellent animals for sale.

We have 2 excellent Wiltshire Horn Rams for sale purebred and very solid $300 each

All our Wiltshire Ewes are for sale $200 each, most should be in lamb to a Damara ram - offspring will have excellent hybrid vigour and grow very quickly. 

We have a number of excellent Damara rams and ewes for sale. 


2015 Royal Melbourne Show


Ovine Johnes Disease


We vaccinate all our sheep for Johnes.

See the attached link for more information about OJD


Ovine Brucellosis


We have also been  Ovine Brucellosis accredited for over 20 years.

See the link below for more information about Ovine Brucellosis


'Jararra' means 'Wet Rock' in Aboriginal. We are located in Harcourt North which is south of Bendigo. We are on a big granite rock hill with spectacular views. Our elevation is about 550 metres. 

Our property was purchased in 1988 and was just a big sheep paddock with one dam. We have over the years built a home, shed and more dams. Originally we started out with Dorset Horns but after a bad summer and too much flystrike we decided to breed Wiltshire Horns. These were purchased in 1994 and in 2009 we added Damaras to our menagerie. Alpacas were added along the way to protect the lambs from foxes. We occasionally have  a few alpacas for sale. 

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