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Jararra Damara Stud

We are still maintaining our Damara stud but are destocking and have a number of beautiful animals for sale. The ram we used this year was related to a prize winning black South African animla so we are really looking forward to seeing what lambs he produces. He is pure black.

When we first decided to start breeding Damaras, we could not find a breeder in Victoria with pure bred animals which were able to be registered. We had to source our first animals from Southern Queensland. We have since introduced more sheep from Bourke and now have enough ram blood lines to enable us to operate for many years without buying in more rams from ionterstate.

After breeding Wiltshire Horns for over 15 years we decided to branch out into the Damaras for many reasons. We liked their colouring and hide characteristics and thought this would be appealing to the small hobby farmer. Also after having shedding sheep for so long we will never return to breeding sheep which need to be shorn and crutched and have found the low maintenance aspect appeals to many people. We also liked the fact that the breed is fairly new to Australia and we found it exciting to be able to introduce these animals to Victoria and promote the breed.

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