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Sheep Husbandry Calender

The following is a list of all the Wiltshire Horn and Damara jobs that I have to do during the year. If you are seriously considering to become a sheep breeder, these are some of the jobs that you will have to do to keep your sheep nice and healthy. Damaras can be joined all year round as they are not seasonal breeders. So just use this calendar for an indication of what needs to be done after joining.




JANUARY - Supplementary feed ewes if necessary so they are in good condition for joining, but not if they're too fat.   
FEBRUARY - Join the Ewes with the Ram.

MAY - 
JUNE - Vaccinate the ewes and rams with '5 in 1' or similar and trim their hooves if necessary.
JULY -   
AUGUST - Lambing time. Bring ewes near the house so that they are closer to protect from foxes. Also check for any problems they might be having.   
SEPTEMBER - Make sure the ewes are with lambs and that they have plenty of food. If they don't then supplement with oats or other sheep mix.  
OCTOBER - Vaccinate lambs the with '5 in 1'  or similar and mark lambs (tails and testicles).   
DECEMBER - Wean the lambs and vaccinate with 5 in 1 or similar. Drench all sheep if necessary.


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