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Why Wiltshires?

Wiltshire Horns are easily managed, low maintenance sheep. They do not need shearing or crutching and are highly resistant to fly strike, lice and footrot. They are exceptionally good mothers. The mothers are very protective and have been known to kill a fox. Due to the low maintenance aspect of the sheep, they make ideal animals for organic farmers.

They are ideal for people with small properties (i.e. Under 10 acres) Mmny farmers with small properties purchase wethers to act as lawn mowers and do not need to spend time and money on slashing their properties.

They are a pure bred animal and as such (when used as a terminal sire over other breeds of sheep) produce lambs with hybrid vigor.

Wiltshires Horns have been used to graze under fruit trees and vines resulting in less money spent on poisoning of weeds and the added bonus of fertilizing the plants as well.




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